Collective Energy

Your ideas in action

During the consultation held in spring 2021, thousands of you submitted your ideas regarding the three key areas that will help ensure the success of the energy transition. Dreams emerged from your ideas. It’s now time to turn those dreams into projects. 

Implemented by Hydro-Québec and other local companies, these projects demonstrate how Québec can move toward a greener future. They are yours to discover!

Green economy

Many of us believe that the environment and the local economy should be our priorities. In fact, during the consultation, over 4,500 ideas associated with the green economy were submitted.

To help us, we want better tools and support for local SMEs that develop green technologies. Several Québec companies have already implemented innovative projects that contribute to the fight against climate change.

Learn more about the projects and initiatives that help transform our economy to make it greener.

Sustainable mobility

Whether our daily travels cover a few blocks or many kilometers, we’re prepared to do our part to decrease the impact of our trips. And we want Hydro-Québec to play a role in adapting our transportation methods. You had ideas to spare when it comes to improving mobility: over 3,600 ideas on this topic were submitted during the consultation.

Learn more about the projects and initiatives that help us rethink mobility to make it more sustainable.

Responsible energy use

Using energy responsibly means making choices every day to avoid wasting energy. And when it comes to how to do that, over 5,700 ideas were submitted during the consultation.

We don’t always realize how much energy we use on a daily basis. Now that we’re more aware of waste, we’re willing to change our habits in order to use energy more responsibly.

Learn more about the projects and initiatives that help us reimagine how we use energy.