Collective Energy

Welcome to Québec’s energy future!

Together, we dreamed of a sustainable energy future. Thanks to you, we took action. And this is just the beginning!

To accelerate the energy transition,

The energy transition includes all the changes undertaken to reduce the environmental impact of generating, distributing and consuming energy.

we needed a plan, so we developed one based in large part on your ideas.

Thanks to the Hydro & Me Panel, your ideas will continue to fuel our reflections and projects. The Hydro Lab, which was launched following the Collective Energy consultation, helps get our most innovative projects started.

Our plan to go further

To accelerate the energy transition in Québec, we prepared a Strategic Plan—a vision that will guide all our decisions in the coming years. So that we can all live in the green Québec of our dreams.

Get on board!

Do you want to join the conversation and influence Hydro-Québec’s decisions? Join the Hydro & Me Panel community and contribute to Québec’s energy transition.