Collective Energy

See how we’re turning your ideas into action

Projects inspired by your ideas are being implemented throughout Québec. Together, we are ensuring the success of Québec’s energy transition to create a sustainable future.


Recipe for figs from the La Vallée du Moulin greenhouses

Discover the technology behind the company’s fig greenhouses and the positive impact it can have on our food self-sufficiency.


Taking the road to sustainable mobility

Follow Yannick de Martino as he looks for answers about sustainable mobility and meets with local agents of change and innovation.


Working together for responsible energy use

Discover how we can make the energy transition a success by working together for a greener tomorrow.

With Collective Energy, you shared your dreams and your ideas for Québec’s energy future. Divided into three key areas, your dreams are now taking shape. It’s time to find out how.

Another step toward our energy future

Quebecers shared their dreams and their ideas for Québec’s energy future. Now that we’ve analyzed them carefully, a new stage is beginning, where we take concrete action to create an energy future that reflects your ambitions.