Collective Energy

Working together for responsible energy use

Working together for responsible energy use

Imagine all the energy that’s available as a large table with lots of chairs around it. To build a sustainable future, we need to rethink the seating to make space for everyone at the table. To learn more, check out the video.

Chapter 1

Making space for change

Why change our habits?

Because we all have the power to reduce our energy use to help create collective wealth. To use energy more wisely, we need to talk about it, share tips and good habits and encourage one another. We also need to discuss it in schools and listen to what young people have to say. By making responsible energy use an everyday topic, it’ll become part of our habits.

During the consultation in spring 2021, many of you said you wanted to consume less energy. You came up with 5,700 ideas to use electricity more responsibly, both individually and collectively.

Responsible energy use really is up to us—the people, businesses and industries all across Québec. We’re ready to take on this major project—the energy transition—along with the rest of Quebecers. To successfully shift to a low-carbon society, we must adopt new habits.

Chapter 2

Minor changes, major potential

How do we make space for everyone? By taking action.

Opening the door to smart homes

We firmly believe everyone has a part to play to achieve concrete results, a principle behind the Hilo smart home. Bringing a service like Hilo to as many homes as possible can make a real difference: people can optimize their energy use and save on their electricity bills; the power system won’t be under as much pressure during peak periods and we’ll reduce imports of energy that isn’t green. We’ll be facilitating the province’s energy transition with the help of Quebecers by making energy savings interesting and easy for everyone.

It’s as if, in the very near future, every home and every building turned into a mini generating station! By consuming less, they’d free up more energy for the power system.

Technological innovation to save energy

Hydro-Québec is also working to develop tools that recover electricity where it’s available, like a fully charged electric vehicle that’s parked all day. It’s the kind of innovation that can really make a difference.

Our research centers share the same mission: 500 experts are working hard to find technological solutions to make our power system greener and smarter.

And to help everyone do their part, we created the energy performance indicator available in your Hydro-Québec Customer Space. It has features that can draw up a clear and personalized portrait and in-depth analysis of a household’s electricity consumption and suggest an action plan for responsible energy use.

Collective Energy is just the start of a major change. The sustainable energy transition deserves all our attention, and that’s why it’s at the core of our priorities and decisions. We are giving ourselves the means to achieve Quebecers’ collective ambitions and turn our dreams into actions.

Tools and initiatives to take action today

Hilo: the smart home that rewards you

Hilo helps you manage your home’s electricity consumption and lower your annual energy use by up to 15% with a simple app. You can also earn cash rewards by taking on Hilo challenges!

Discover Hilo

A new energy performance tool to take action and start saving

The tool gives you access to all your consumption data at a glance and draws up an analysis and personalized action plan to lower your energy use.

Discover the energy performance indicator

Projects and initiatives to use energy more wisely

We’re taking action with several partners so that we can all use energy more responsibly.

See the projects and initiatives